Celebrating Progress – Sustainable Energy Action in London

On February 21, 2013, the City of London launched Celebrating Progress- Sustainable Energy London, a magazine and online publication highlighting sustainable energy projects in London.

Celebrating Progress- Sustainable Energy London was created and funded in partnership with the Mayor’s Sustainable Energy Council (MSEC) and includes success stories provided by more than 25 organizations. It is an easy to read magazine with a focus on programs and projects in the last three years which coincides with the Rethink Energy London community awareness and engagement project launched in 2010.

Celebrating Progress- Sustainable Energy London magazine can be viewed online as well as a video preview of the magazine. Readers will be able to view projects and programs in all areas of sustainable energy from harnessing the sun, tapping into the Earth’s energy and capturing the wind to changing the way we move, using less energy and the community and business leaders that make it happen.

MSEC’s mandate is to promote, encourage and support the development and implementation of practical research and initiatives, technologies, and investment in the area of sustainable energy, including energy conservation, efficiency, and alternative energy for the sustainable economic and environmental benefit and use of London and surrounding region.

Source: The Corporation of The City of London, February 21, 2013

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