The LHBA’s Green Home

The London Home Builders Association (LHBA) held the grand opening for its high-tech Green Home on Saturday February 24th. The home is located at 1511 North Wenige Drive, in Ballymote Woods, London (Sifton’s newest housing development). The Green Home was intentionally built in a community that is close to already existing resources and access to public transportation, reducing the number of vehicles necessary for the household as well as the length of daily auto trips.

The demonstration home provides a great look into current home building strategies and the latest green technologies on the market. The generous contributions of members and LHBA supporters supplied the materials, products and labour necessary to construct this unique Green Home.

Throughout its construction, the home has provided an educational opportunity for both students and industry professionals. They worked together using a modified framing technique, allowing for a reduction of framing materials and the waste associated with these materials.

The home provides evidence that one can live luxuriously while still maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. It features practical strategies for reducing daily household waste using locally sourced and recycled materials. It includes carpeting produced from recycled plastic bottles, a healthy and green plumbing system and high performance windows. The house is also completely solar ready so the homeowner can easily install a solar hot water or solar PV system.

A full list of the Green Home’s environmentally friendly features is available at

The LHBA Green Home is being offered at $450, 000, with the suggested retail value exceeding this by over a hundred thousand dollars. This spring, the unique house will be sold, and all proceeds will go towards the completion of the LHBA Cancer Survivor’s Garden, which is located on the corner of Wonderland Road and Riverside Drive.

The Green Home is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 – 4 p.m., until the end of March, 2013. It is also available to be viewed by appointment by calling 519-686-0343.

For more information visit:

Public Viewing Dates:

(From 2-4 p.m.)

Saturday March 2, 2013; Sunday March 3, 2013

Saturday March 9, 2013; Sunday March 10, 2013

Saturday March 16, 2013; Sunday March 17, 2013

Saturday March 23, 2013; Sunday March 24, 2013

Saturday March 30, 2013; Sunday March 31, 2013


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