Sarnia: SolarShare

Aug 10, 2015

SolarShare has two potential projects lined up for this region.

Building a SolarShare system in a particular community can take years from start to finish. Once the perfect building is found and all the arrangements are made, the community must be engaged to help push the project through to completion. According to the Ontario government’s FIT program, in order to qualify and build projects, co-ops such as SolarShare must enlist 50 land-owning members from each community.

Sarnia is home to Enbridge’s Sarnia Solar project, which was the largest solar farm in the WORLD in 2010! Bringing more solar to this city is definitely a step in the right direction towards a clean energy future for Ontario.

Do you have family or friends in Sarnia who would like to share the solar love? They are invited to attend a SolarShare info session at the Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre on Thursday, August 13 at 7pm. Contact Kathryn MacDonald at for more information.

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