Solar and the Evolution of Ontario’s Electricity Generation


Oct 19, 2015, SolarShare

Ontario has come a long way in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the generation of electricity. After all, we’re the first jurisdiction in North America to eliminate coal from electricity generation. However, nuclear still represents the major source of the electricity in our province, and natural gas is playing an increasing role. Ontario’s Energy Output by Fuel Type* Total: 154 TWh (terawatt hours)

 2014 2008
 Nuclear  62%  94.9 TWh 53%  84.4 TWh
 Hydro  24%  37.1 TWh 24.1%  38.3 TWh
 Coal  <1%**  0.1 TWh 14.5%  23.2 TWh
 Gas/Oil  10%  14.8 TWh 6.9%  11 TWh
 Wind  4%  6.8 TWh 0.9%  1.4 TWh
 Biofuel  <1%  0.3 TWh  ***
 Solar  <1%  0.0185 TWh


*This data comes from Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and includes all Ontario generators registered as market participants, including those in commissioning. **Coal was eliminated as an electricity source in Ontario in 2014. ***In 2008, there was no reporting of Biofuel or Solar. There is 1 TWh, accounting for 0.6% of the electricity mix that encompasses “other” electricity sources.

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