GEL’s relationship to co-ops

Green Energy London Co-operative Inc. is in response to the need to make available to ordinary residents Renewable Energy (RE) projects that they can invest in with small ubiquitous budgets.  It gives a solution to a component of fuel poverty, relocalization and provides opportunity for small investment/return that in addition supports sustainable education and new projects.
Current investment models require significant financial commitment which excludes the average citizen as a resource in funding typical RE projects.  The buildings we choose will provide wide spread representation across the city.
GEL is expected to grow and allow for various alternative sustainable initiatives designed to advance local community co-operation and self-sufficiency.
GEL values the key principles of co-operative management – voluntary and open membership, democratic member control with long-term vision, goals and governance, member economic participation, self-responsibility, education, training and information, transparency, co-operation among co-operatives and social/community well-being.