Objectives/Strategic Goals

GEL will enhance London’s networking capacity for citizens interested in learning and investing in RE projects through a renewable co-operative process.
GEL will engage residents and small business to:
•           support pro-environmental funding for local RE projects
•           expand on community-based initiatives for energy efficiency
•           demonstrate measurable reduction of emissions
•           allow for re-skilling in RE jobs
•           nurture collaboration and interdisciplinary community action for proactive deployment of RE projects as proceeds are re-directed towards expanding further sites and public education initiatives.
Strategic Goals:
Community and co-operative power has become an increasingly popular model in creating a diverse and sustainable energy landscape.
GEL involves volunteers that envision a post-carbon future through practical, measurable strategies that facilitate global change through local action. GEL members are working to establish a community-based initiative committed to helping community members live more sustainably through information and energy efficient services that support and engage a reduced impact on the environment.