Board of Directors and Management Team

GEL Board members are elected from within the Co-op’s membership for a serving period of three years by the voting members of the co-operative. The Board of Directors is structured and governed by our by-laws.
Responsibilities under the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act –
The Board of Directors is elected by the membership; in Ontario, only co-op members can be part of the Board and the Board is accountable to the members.
The Board’s primary responsibility is the supervision of management of the affairs and business of the co-operative.
The Board of Directors legal responsibilities include member relations and communication, the overseeing of finances and maintaining property and assets. In addition, the Board plans for the future needs of the co-op, approves and/or terminates members, does fundraising or capitalization of the co-op, and calls an Annual General Meeting of members. Board Members have to be a member of the co-op, be 18 or over, cannot be bankrupt, cannot be mentally incompetent.
President – Shane ONeill
Secretary – Gosse van Oosten
Treasurer – Diane Szoller