Become a member

A GEL Membership Share costs only $10, and entitles you to vote on co-op business and direction and make further investment.
To view our brochure (PDF), please click here: GEL_co-op_brochure.
Please forward your membership payment($10) and membership form to:
Green Energy London Co-operative Inc.
636 Marshall St, London, Ontario N5W 0A9 for more information!
Membership Form:
membership form
To print the membership form, click on the picture, click File, and then click Print. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the form and print it off.
Becoming a member provides you the opportunity to support your community, help the planet, and invest in future energy efficient initiatives.
Benefits include:
·         Local community investment opportunities and education initiatives are developed as well as expected returning capital.
·         Sales and lease agreements with land owners under a 20 year contract means low investment risk.
·         Local jobs are supported in the development and maintenance of projects.
·         Renewable energy production reduces the need for coal, natural gas, and nuclear generation and reduced impact of grid distribution line losses locally.
·         Support for solar feed-in tariffs will make Ontario a leader in renewable energy.